# Run Console

# Overview

The Run Console is where users interact with an application after it has been published. The Run Console is broken into three parts:

  • The History UI, where successful, running, and failed application runs can be viewed
  • The Manual Run UI, where users run an application with manually-specified inputs
  • A README editor, where users can provide usage instructions and documentation about an application

To access the Run Console for an application, click 'Applications' in the left sidebar, and click the link for your application:

Run Access

This page describes how to use the run console to view the history of an application, trigger a manual run, and provide documentation for other users of your application.

# History UI

Run Access

The History UI shows all application invocations which have been reported back to CloudWright (see the Applications documentation for how to enable or disable reporting for an application). The status indicates whether an application run has succeeded, failed, or is still running.

To view details about a specific application run, click 'View' to view the run's inputs, and outputs if successful:

Run Access

# Manual Runs

The Run UI is the simplest way to run a published application with a specific set of inputs (for other ways to invoke an application, see Triggers).

Run Access

When running an application, you will be prompted for any inputs an application declared when it was published, along with any supporting descriptions. For more details about how to document an application's inputs, see the Applications guide.

'Run' will let you run the Application with these inputs as a one-off execution. Alternatively, you may expect to re-use this input configuration in the future, in which case you can 'Save Inputs' to name, save, and then run the configuration.

After the Application Run is launched, you can track the progress in the History UI.


An Application's README is visible on the right sidebar of the History UI and Manual Run pages. This documentation is markdown-formatted and can be edited directly from the Run Console by clicking the 'Edit' button. This takes you to a live Markdown editor (see this guide for Markdown formatting tips):

Run Access

The README is a good place to put usage instructions, developer contact information, known problems, and other long-form tips for application users.